Best Wallets for Men that will Pump your Testosterone Levels Up

If you’re away on a date or basically picking up the bill at a business dinner, drawing out a wallet that’s worn out and falling apart isn’t going to make the correct impression.

The best men’s wallet ought to give you reassurance that your possessions will be kept protected, plus assist you to stop losing stuff so often. And when you’re hauling significant things like money, credit cards, and an ID every day, then protecting your items with a well structured wallet should be your main concern.

 Following are some of the best men’s wallets available and will definitely make an impression.

Hard Graft Men’s Wallet

Hard Graft merges fiber felt and first-class brown leather to make one of the manliest designs in terms of men’s wallets. They have a number of diverse styles to select from, but a particular favorite is their Bi-fold Wallet. It can accommodate up to 6 cards and it fits collectively any kind of currency you can imagine.

It’s noticeably among the lighter bi-fold wallets available, which does make it more eye-catching. In addition, the structure has been well-thought out and the crafting of the wallet is flawless. The Hard Graft actually does go over and beyond to surpass your expectations, because this wallet will undoubtedly make you rethink what it actually means to possess a superior men’s wallet.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
Hard Graft  Leather  3.5 x 4.5 x 0.6 inches N/A

Kenneth Cole Leather Men’s Passcase

Kenneth-Cole-Leather-Men’s-PasscaseOne of the greatest aspects about the Kenneth Cole Passcase is that it has an exclusive exterior thanks to the grey textured leather. It will flatter almost any outfit you intend on wearing, together with informal jeans, formal attire, and business clothing. In addition with 6 card slots accessible there’s ample space to take along several credit or gift cards.

On the inside, it’s quite polished and more or less a basic approach to assist you in keeping your things controlled and your wallet free of disorder. The bill section tidily stores your money, and the wallet’s structure will let you firmly tuck the whole lot into place. While it’s definitely not the slimmest men’s wallet available, it does fit in your pocket with no difficulty.

Buy here Material  Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Leather  0.2 x 4.5 x 3.5 inches  ****

Salvatore Ferragamo Revival Wallet

Salvatore-Ferragamo-Revival-WalletIf you rather want to add a dash of color to your outfit, then the Revival Wallet will do a superb job. Irrespective of what color you choose to go with, one thing for definite is it’s going to grab interest. The exterior is bold, while the vivid interior is more tranquil. The slip pouches and 6 card slots produce a contrast and a general manly style.

It’s original, enjoyable and if that’s what suits your individual take on things, it’s definitely one of the greatest choices out there. Click here to check price.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Leather  4.5 x 0.5 x 3.5 inches  *****

Wurkin RFID Blocking Wallet

Wurkin-RFID-Blocking-WalletShield yourself and your pocket from credit card criminals while doing it with a stylish wallet. The Wurkin RFID Blocking Wallet obstructs any broadcasted signals to help keep your private and individual data secured and protected. Even though it serves a double function, it definitely hasn’t affected the design.

The inside has 4 card slots in a distinctive sloping pattern, plus these areas bend fairly well to lodge even more cards. There’s also a deep money pouch and 2 slip pouches.

For the design, Wurkin has done a brilliant job to truly make this into a daring yet basic wallet. Click here to view high-resolution photos.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Leather  4.3 x 0.2 x 3 inches  ****

Hugo Boss Sariko Wallet 

Hugo-Boss-Sariko-WalletThe Hugo Boss Sariko wallet comprises of a polished design. The traditional look is manly with smooth light leather and a slightly visible external stitching. While the design does make it a bit wider than most, it’s still substantially comfy to walk around with.

In addition, you can fit up to 6 cards along with the normal money pouch. Plus there are 2 pouches to accumulate any other essentials.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Nordstorm  Leather  4.2 x 0.5 x 3 inches N/A

Gucci Bi-Fold Wallet 

Gucci-Bi-Fold-WalletThis wallet for men is extremely trendy thanks to its unique design. In truth, some merchants even have limitations on how much you can buy within a certain timeframe. The prominent Gucci pattern feature is acknowledged around the globe as one of the typical symbols for extravagance.

Created in Italy, the leather feels flexible, while the stripe offers your fingers excellent grip to hold onto. The interior of this wallet will protect up to 6 cards, plus it contains 2 money sections. Click here to see higher resolution photos.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
Amazon Italian Leather  4.0 x 0.5 x 3.5 inches  *****

Ted Baker Camem Bifold Wallet

Ted-Baker-Bifold-WalletArriving with a variety of leather colors, this wallet offers you the decision to customize it to your own preferences. A favorite among people is the red and tan mixture. Click here to see if the price has dropped.

Aside from the external appearance, on the inside there’s a detachable card holder on the reverse to make things trouble-free. There are in addition 8 card slots and a well-made money pouch to secure everything firmly. Even though it’s a loose-fitting wallet, it does appear to grip everything into place rather well.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Cow Leather  3.75 x 4.5 inches  ****

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy-Note-Sleeve-WalletWith an equivalent height comparable to the majority of men’s wallets, the Bellroy Note Sleeve does present a benefit thanks to its lean design. It’s created with neatness in mind and grants super speedy access. The compartment design contains soft suntanned leather, plus it glides in and out of your pants with no difficulty.

Though on the slimmer side, there’s a reasonable amount of room on the inside to keep 3 cards and money. Click here to see more features of this wallet.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon Leather  3.6 x 4 x 0.5 inches  *****

Bally Leather Bifold Wallet

This is a wallet that you’re going to worship for years to come. The Bally brand has always had a long reputation of making exceptional men’s accessories.  The authentic leather obtainable in coffee brown and black takes on the traditional form of the billfold, while the complementary middle band adds a touch of contemporary style.

It’s constructed to home 8 credit cards, money, and any other diverse things thanks to the 2 slip pouches. It’s not too bulky or too miniature; instead it fits perfectly in your pants in a comfy way.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Bally  Leather  3.4 x 3 x 0.5 inches  N/A


If you tired of feeling embarrassed every time you take out your wallet to pay for your date or business meeting, then you need to try one of these wallets mentioned above. These are some of the best and top selling wallets available on the market. Let us know which one appeals to you. Happy shopping!

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