Level-Up Your Style With These 10 Classy Money Bands

If you don’t want to worry about taking loads of cash wherever you go, then a money band would be ideal for you. Its trimmer and smaller and money bands allow you to hold less in a graceful kind of way, and be certain that your money will stay together.

Money bands aren’t for coins. If you like keeping things just in case, then these aren’t for you. Though if you want a slender device, or just want to display off your wad of money, then you will enjoy investing in a money band.

The X-Band

The X- Band The X-Band is an excellent choice for holding your cash. It isn’t just a method to grip your things together, but it’s a structure for consolidating your money and cards. The system lets you retrieve your cards without drawing them all out. Basically remove one band to discover the item you want, the other band holds everything in place. The strap is prepared from nylon elastic so it is sturdy and resilient. This works great as an ordinary wallet or just to grip your supply of extra cards.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $5.99  20 – 30  Nylon  ****

The Traditional Money-band

TMT MONEY BAND - BLACK ,WHITEThis is the best way to keep your private items. If you just want something to grip your things together with no hassle, then this is it. The Traditional Money-Band is exclusively sized and created of elastic. This makes it simple for you to grip everything together. The black band seems trendier than the rubber band. The minimal band has the extra advantage of a minimal price.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $32.10  15 – 20  Elastic

Deluxe Currency Holder – Regular Bill Semi-Rigid Holder

Deluxe Currency HolderThe Deluxe Current Holder is a great band if you need to carry a huge wad of cash. It is created from vinyl which makes it very durable. It is 6 – 8 inches long and can hold up to 50 notes – very impressive currency band for those that need to carry lots of cash with them. Also perfect for using it as a band for your bank cards.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $8.24  35 – 50  Vinyl *****


Karma Wallet Paper Thin Tyvek Wallet The SlimFold band is created from a sturdy lightweight textile called Tyvek that is 100% water-resistant and also resistant from tearing. It’s nearly as reedy as paper, so it won’t add bulk or heaviness to the cash that you want to carry with you. It also comes in a variety of styles to give it that stylish feeling

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $12.88  15 – 20  Tyvek  ***


HuMn Men's Mini WalletThe HuMn (as in human) band includes 2 parts of aluminum plates placed together with a shock strap and band. This permits for quick access to your cards and money,which are bound together with a close-fitting band. You can also blend and match the designs you want the straps to come in.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $59.00  15 – 25  Nylon  ****

Joseph Abboud Band Leather

Joseph-Abboud-Men's-Elastic-Band-Leather-Money-Clip-WalletJoseph Abboud Elastic Band Wallet is just 3.75 by 2.5 inches. It is produced from top authentic leather. There is an elastic money band to grip your cash and remain slender while in your pocket. It can also hold credit cards, business cards, and ID Cards.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
$5.99  25 – 30  Leather

 Timberland Men’s Hunter Money Band

Timberland Men's Hunter Money BandA more appealing alternative than stuffing cards and money into your pocket, Timberland’s Hunter Money Band gives you space for cards and a thick cash band to grip cash for easy access. It is perfectly constructed and offers a stylish, yet minimalist approach.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $18.65  20 – 25  Nylon  *****

Multi DIY Rubber Band

Natural Elastic Latex Rubber Band The Multi DIY Rubber Band is made by Huizhou Jinke Rubber, which is a professional rubber band business. The Multi DIY money band is an excellent product for people on a small budget. For a cost effective money band, it certainly does the job. The flexible band allows you to store a huge wad of cash which is also great for holding credit cards. It also comes in a variety of different designs, giving you the option to match it to various styles

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $20/kg  20 – 30  Nylon  ***

Elastic Band IT Money Band

Sterling Silver Money Bands Set of TwoFirmly bands your cash and credit cards together with an exclusive pendant in the middle of the elastic money band. It is completed with an elastic slim 1 ½ inch cotton woven stretchy band. It is generally used as a petite, slender pocket wallet that works superbly when you want to carry cash and cards.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $100.00  15 – 20  Nylon / Cotton  ***

Betaband Rubber Band Wallet

Betaband-Rubber-Band-WalletBetaband is a rubber band that won’t break or split like a standard rubber band. Betaband can grip all of your cash, cards, business cards etc. Betaband is completed from a rubber mixture that will grip even the fattest roll of money. Betaband provides a proficient, yet comfortable choice. Betaband is no regular rubber band – it is made distinctively for your cash management needs. Most significantly, Betaband is nearly unbreakable.

Price Amount of notes Material Quality
 $9.95  15 – 25  Rubber  ****

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