10 Most Popular High-Quality Money Clips (Pro’s and Con’s)

Carrying less cash has its benefits. These money clips let you carry less in a stylish kind of way, and be assured that your money and cards will stay together.

If you are tired of lugging a huge wallet and having all that weight in your pocket, you’ve possibly thought about getting a money clip, but which money clip would you select?

M-Clip Dark Blue Money Clip

m-clipIt is simply an attractive looking money clip. M-Clip states this to be the world’s greatest money clip – and it would be difficult to dispute with that statement. M-Clip is so self-assured you’ll approve with them on this, that if you don’t like the M-Clip they’ll offer you your funds back!

A lot of attention and consideration goes into the manufacturing process at M-Clip. Their money clips are produced using contemporary equipment for the best accuracy. They are created completely by hand, which even contains refining and human analysis, before they actually let their products leave the production facility.

Price Material Dimensions Quality
 $249.95  Stainless Steel  2.4 x 0.75 inches  ****

Bosca Nappa Vitello

Bosca-Nappa-Vitello-Deluxe-Front-Pocket-WalletThere is no way that you can’t include a leather money clip in your preferences. The Bosca Nappa Vitello is a very value selection and has been included for a number of reasons: superiority, price, design options, power of the magnets – and best of all it comes in a lovely Bosca engraved box, perfect if you’re thinking of giving it as a gift.

Prepared out of old leather, the Bosca original is obtainable in three standard designs: black, dark brown and cognac. The clip is very lightweight and only 3/8 inch thick; the magnet is very sturdy so you won’t ever have to fear that your cash will fall out!

price Material Dimensions quality
 $63.01  Leather  0.75 x ¼ inches  ***

 Smart Money Clip

Smart-Money-ClipThe titanium variety of Storus’s Money Clip is extremely thin and light.

This dual-sided clip has one place for cards and another for your cash, convenient for consolidating your things and very useful when paying for things.

The metal is completed with a type of gas. This procedure ties a very reedy coating of titanium on top of the stainless steel, proving to be an attractive and tough surface that is significantly harder and more resilient than stainless steel.

It carries a maximum of 5 cards within the card compartment and up to 30 bills. It’s a trendy and practical money clip for a rational price.

Price Material Dimension Quality
  $35.99  Titanium  2.8 x 2.5 inches  ***

Money Clamp Geneva

GENEVA-SILVER-MESH-(WITH-WALLET)This efficient design from Money Clamp presents a good and close-fitting grasp to keep your cards and bills safe. It is provided with a leather wallet, but can be used successfully with or without it. If you decide to use it without the wallet, cards can be positioned in the mid area of the notes, as you would with a standard money clip.

The advanced clamping device uses Money Clamp’s steel expertise and fastens your items very efficiently.

With a large size of up to 6 credit cards and 20 bills, you can throw that big massive wallet away and keep all your bills/cards in a safe place. A good over-all decision, if you’re finances doesn’t expand as far as some of the more luxurious money clips.

Price Material Dimension Quality
 $39.95  Leather  12.7 x 2.5 x 20.3 inches  ***

The Tighter Grip Money Clip

The-Tighter-Grip-Money-ClipDifferent to other metal money clips that swell after frequent use, this money clip has a hinged compression that will never lose its close-fitting hold on your money or credit cards. The device locks into place when it clamps, allowing it to clutch a single bill as firmly as it secures 20. The additional leather wallet that you get with it is only 1/8 inch thick, allowing modest storage and can hold up to 10 credit cards. It is finished with zinc alloy with a silver-covered varnish for added durability.

Price Material Dimensions Quality
 US $79.95  Zinc  2 x 4 x ½ inches  *****


Delk-41269-5-in-1-Stainless-Steel-Money-Clip,One of the more practical money clips you will find, the stainless steel 5-In-1 Money Clip is an excellent choice. It consists of a pocketknife, a screwdriver, pair of scissors and a file for attempting those peculiar jobs that should crop up during your day. Even if you don’t have any cash to carry, this money clip is great for the mere fact that it contains all that extra gear.

Price Material Dimension Quality
 $9.21  Stainless Steel  7.7 x 5.1 x 0.1 inches  ****

Sterling Silver Money Clip

Sterling-Silver-Money-ClipFor people wanting a glitzier and exclusive money clip, this sterling silver big clip should do the trick.

It is produced to clamp cards and money, and it does relatively great job of it. The sterling silver is sturdy enough to preserve its form, but permits some elasticity for fitting in cards or cash. It has a very small outline so your pocket will look slender.

It is certainly a cool choice to an old-style money clip.

Price Material Dimensions Quality
  $40.00  Sterling Silver  Sterling Silver  *****

The X-band Money Band

The-X--BandThe X-band is a great money clip for combining your personal things. It’s not just a way to grip your cards and money together, but it’s a structure for filing your cards and bills.

The arrangement lets you retrieve your cards without having to pull every single one out. Basically remove one band to locate the item you require, the other band holds everything in place. The fastening strip is prepared from nylon so it is sturdy and resilient.

This is great as adaily wallet or just to clamp your stack of cards.

Price Material Dimesions Quality
 $8.99  Nylon  2 x 4 x 1 inches  ***

Alpine Swiss Leather Clip

Alpine Swiss Leather ClipAlpine Swiss create products with excellent precision. They are elegant, with decent quality supplies and a very rational price. Their money clip is no exception.

The leather is very smooth and even though the wallet has three devoted card compartments, it is still slender. The clip isn’t as sturdy as most clips so it’s not for holding a large amount of cash, about 7 bills is the most. The clip also comprises of an ID compartment. This is a decent quality, trustworthy, money clip.

Price Material Dimensions Quality
 $10.98  Leather  4 x 3 1/8 x 3/8 inches  ***

Smart Double Sided Money Clip

Smart Double Sided Money ClipDo you think holding a money clip would be an annoyance in a shop? Having a stack of things in your hand all at the same time? If so, then this dual sided money clip will help to keep you prepared while slimming down your pocket.

The one side has a standard money clip which is for your notes. It can hold up to 30 notes which is a lot for any money clip. The other side is a holder for your cards which will clamp up to 5 cards, comfortably. The clip is made from stainless steel which is solid and hard.

The dual sided money clip will give you liberty from a huge wallet, and keep you structured at the same time.

Price Material dimensions Quality
 $24.50  Stainless Steel  2.8 x 2.5 inches  ****

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