10 Most Badass Wallet Chains and Their Reviews

Wallet chains have a status and people always think of bikers when you mention wallet chains. They are also for those people who are inclined to lose their wallet or keys.

Black Skull Wallet Chain

Black-Skull-Wallet-ChainThis is the genuine thing – a sinister brass type chain containing a morbid depiction of human skulls in a black design!

This chain is about 26 inches long and it’s tailored with two seriously durable hooks. Bikers will really enjoy those thumb-sized hooks, which are simple to grasp, even with freezing fingers.

With its brass structure this chain feels bulky and compact. Along with sturdiness you get stability and safety – definitely worth it.

Price material Chain Length Quality
 $38.99  Brass Chain 27 inches  ***

DRAGON Metal Wallet Key Chain

Black-Skull-Wallet-ChainAnother dependable, wearable wallet chain!

In Korean myths the Dragon King is a plentiful, compassionate creature, with profound spiritual understanding and powers. This dragon type chain has the power to attract attention while safeguarding your wallet from burglars.

Underneath the heavily chromed exterior, each dragon’s head is a produced from a piece of brass. Attractive looking, rotating snap hooks are positioned at each end of the 27 inch chain so you can easily attach it your wallet or pants.

Price Material Chain Legth Quality
$26.99  Chrome  29 inches ***

Chrome Steel Wallet Key Chain

Chrome-Steel-Wallet-ChainThis is a big, solid key chain in chromed steel and is definitely one of the most functional chains.

The durable look and value of this item will definitely give you that sincere, relaxed feeling of security. The king-size trigger hook is also simple to function – even with icy hands or biker gloves. An additional plus is the 18 inch length of the chain, which just makes the entire gear a little more useful.

One slight difficulty – the loop on this chain is essentially much larger than it appears. It’s good for a cluster of keys, but you might need to exchange it for something that will actually fit your wallet a bit better. Other than that it’s an attractive product that will suit a lot of ordinary people.

Price Material Chain Length Quality
$4.96  Chrome Steel  18  *****

The Wallet/Bike Chain

wallet_bike_chainThis wallet bike chain is 32 inches which makes this a very long chain. If you’re fairly short in length this thing is likely to hang a little low. You might need to remove a few links.

For taller guys this really is an efficient wallet chain. It’s got a king-size snap hook on one end, and a durable one inch loop on the other. Both are well linked. Logically, for this amount it’s not made of valuable metal, but the bright, chrome surface is still appealing and solid.

Price Material Chain Length Quality
 $8.36  Chrome  32 inches *****

Brass Yellow Skull Chain

Brass_Yellow_Skull_ChainIf you are looking for biker wallet chains these well-ordered looking links are about 26 inches long.

This clever, bronze type chain is a little lightweight to make any impact among all the other wallet chains. However, it’s a nice-looking, wearable chain with an awesome skull-styled pendant.

From a useful viewpoint, the links and clasps are okay for light, ordinary use.

Price Material Chain Length Quality
$15.99  Bronze  26.5 inches  ****

Heavy Triple Strand Cross Chain

Heavy_Triple_Strand_Cross_ChainThis is an extremely cool chain if you’re going for looks over power and safety.

People refer to it as a jeans chain but this item has an equally awesome look with leather. It’s like 3 chains in one, with different dimensions of rope and warped links. The greatest feature by far is the amazing, leather patch, embossed with human skulls.

Not the heaviest chain around, but it just looks so awesome!

Price Material Chain Length Quality
 $16.99  Chrome  28 inches  *****

Skull Leather Wallet Key Chain

Skull_Leather_Wallet_Key_ChainThis funky, Korean-made item ties your wallet to your pants with a plaited, leather type of cord instead of the typical heavy chain. Definitely has looks and attitude.

This wallet cord features two awesome-looking themes: an eagle’s head and the smirking skull. It’s also tailored with a pair of quality, rotating hooks. All of the trendy fittings are produced from silver-plated, brass. Sounds good, right?

This awesome cord is made from fake leather so many people won’t like that part of it.

Price Material Chain Length Quality
$26.99  Silver /Brass  21 inches  ***

Lucky Line Pocket Chain

Black-Skull-Wallet-ChainThis is a well-ordered and useful, 18 inch chain, without any of the elaborate bells, skulls or crossbones.

Way below the budget end of the market, this is an astonishingly practical piece that will tie your keys or wallet to your pants with a rational level of safety. There might be a few complaints about the mass and value of the snap clip, but hey, this is a cool wallet chain nonetheless.

Price Material Chain Length Quality
 $4.30  Chrome  26 inches  ***

Nintendo Leather Tri-fold Chain Wallet

Nintendo_Leather_Tri-fold_Chain_WalletThis throwback chain wallet is a cool way to hold your money and bank cards! It provides a secure and safe place for your cash. This enjoyable authentic leather wallet is a must-have. The inside contains 3 credit card slots, 1 see-through ID pane, 1 cash pocket, 1 card opening, and 1 concealed utility pouch all protected with a cool chain.

Price Material Chain Lenghth Quality
 $16.70  Chrome  25 inches  ***

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