Wallets for Teens – The Most Awesome Wallets, Like, Ever

Buying anything for your teen that they actually love can be a real frustrating experience and this is no different when searching for a wallet. Teens are also notorious for going through stuff quicker than the speed of light. Given that most of them are always lurking for the next awesome item, paying 100 bucks on a wallet for your teen might not be such a grand idea.

The finest wallets for teenagers are contemporary, stylish, convenient, and yet, reasonably priced. This is why we are going to offer you with some of the best wallets for your teens, which they will absolutely love.

Alpine Swiss Bifold Wallet

Alpine Swiss Bifold WalletThe Alpine Swiss Bi-fold Wallet is one of the best sellers and this is no fluke. This wallet is man-made from sturdy flexible leather to offer superb comfort even after sitting on your butt all day.

This wallet is brilliantly crafted and constructed to last for several years, thanks to its excellent stitching work. It comes with separate cash pouches to help you keep your bulky bills separate from the smaller ones. This bi-fold wallet includes several compartments for you to glide your cards in as well as a detachable window for your ID. This is definitely a great wallet for the older teens.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Leather  4.8 x 4.1 x 0.9 inches  ****

Rothco Commando Wallet

This is a cool and sturdy wallet fashionable among teenage boys. The Rothco Commando Wallet gets the work done for your teen boy, thanks to its faultless and sturdy-looking design. It comes with 5inner pockets as well as a money compartment for him to store his cash. The safe hook and loop feature keeps the wallet’s essentials protected all day long. If you are searching for a wallet he will be keen on, this Tri-fold should materialize at the top of the list.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Nylon  5.1 x 3.8 x 0.4 inches  ****

Sakkas Bi-Fold Wallet

Sakkas-Bi-Fold-WalletThe Sakkas Bi-Fold Wallet comes with all the qualities of a premium wallet excluding the price. Crafted from authentic leather, this eye-catching piece comes with sufficient compartments for storing 4 cards as well as room for holding 2 ID cards.

Teens who love carrying money will simply grow fond of this wallet, thanks to the 2 money slots and an extra pouch for carrying some coins. The leather smells pleasant and its gorgeous finish makes it fitting for high school seniors and youthful adults.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
Amazon  Leather  4.5 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches  ****

MUNDI Big Fat Flap Wallet

MUNDI-Big-Fat-Flap-WalletMundi’s status as one of the most well-known ladies’ leather product manufacturers indicates you can’t go wrong when you select its brand. The Mundi Big Fat Flap Wallet is man-made from faux leather and includes as many as 7 partitions for slipping in your IDs and bank cards.

It also contains a zipper section with 2 slip pouches folded in as well as a unique zipper pouch for storing your coins. This can be very useful for your teen girl during shopping. This awesome wallet even contains a tiny detachable calculator as well as a pen for academic teens. It basically comes completely packed with sufficient room for everything a teenage girl might need.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Faux Leather  8.1 x 5.1 x 2 inches  ****

Shagwear Wallet

Shagwear WalletThis elegantly calculated wallet is ideal for the majority of teenage girls or young adult women. The Shagwear Wallet combines true magnificence with functionality.

It features a remarkable 11 compartments for keeping all kinds of cards in addition to a specifically designed see-through ID holder. This wallet stays closed and protected, due to the magnetic pin created on the outer closure. Take a glance inside you will immediately spot the zippered coin section and attractive Shagwear logo.

The Shagwear Wallet basically complements your attractiveness while keeping your cash and vital stuff safe. This is a great gift for any teen girl.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Polyurethane Foam  4.5 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches  ****

Bungalow360 Clutch Wallet

Bungalow360 Clutch WalletThe Bungalow360 Clutch Wallet is just charming and has become the wallet of choice of many teenage girls since its appearance. It comes with a remarkable animal design and crafted from cotton fabric.

With zippered inner and external sections as well as a devoted money slot and 6 card slots, this wallet gives you sufficient room to bring everything your teen girl will require for school each day. The Bungalow360 wallet contains a hook closure which offers the best possible protection. It is a delightful wallet that will satisfy the pickiest teens – click here to check out different prints!

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
Amazon  Cotton Fabric  7.5 x 3.5 x 1 inches  *****

Minecraft Creeper Face Wallet

Minecraft Creeper Face WalletThis is a must-have enjoyable wallet for any teen into the common, epic computer game, Minecraft. The face of the green Creeper on the facade of this wallet will be immediately recognisable to any Minecraft gamer.

The excitement carries on when you unfasten the wallet to discover that all of the internal material is printed with the peculiar ‘boom’ sounds of the Creeper mortal. As well as being a whole lot of enjoyment, this bi-fold style wallet is actually well made. It has a practical ID window and lots of stitched pouches for cards and notes.

A truly exhilarating present for any youthful Minecrafter!

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Leather  4 x 1 x 4 inches  *****

DC Touchstone

DC-TouchstoneThe DC Shoe label is typically connected with skateboarding and other sporting shoes, but they also have an attention-grabbing, designer wallet. This is a non-leather wallet with a man-made, fabric liner – a key plus point for anyone purchasing the wallet as a present for a vegetarian or animal loving teen.

In the interior, it’s a typical bi-fold, with a hefty pocket for notes and 6 smaller compartments for cards, notes and the other bits and pieces that build up in these places. Since it is non-leather it can be washed by hand, so it will always be as vivid as the day it was enthusiastically torn out of the gift wrap. So awesome for your skateboarding teenager!

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
Amazon  Fabric Liner  4.5 x 4.1 x 0.7 inches  *****

Nintendo Classic Wallet

Nintendo Classic WalletEnvision the big smile you’ll get every time your teenager pulls out this Nintendo wallet each time they go shopping. This wallet will suit the rear pocket of a pair of slack, hip-hop, skateboarder’s jeans.

The external sleeve contains the common NES controller design, inclusive with raised, 3D buttons. Within there’s a diverse range of stitched compartments for your ID and cards, along with more than sufficient room for a fat stack of notes. The ideal wallet for a Nintendo enthusiast!

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Leather  7 x 1 x 4 inches  ****

Alchemy Goods Belltown Wallet

Alchemy Goods Belltown WalletThis solid wallet is essentially created from second-hand bike tubes. Whether you’re purchasing for a passionate eco-friendly teen, or you’re just searching for a teen present that’s a little bizarre, this original rubber wallet from Alchemy Goods is worth it.

Fortunately, the recycled rubber extends just enough, and then snaps back, keeping everything protected. The ecological credentials of this producer and their cool merchandise seem to win the admiration of caring teens.

Buy here Material Dimensions Amazon Rating
 Amazon  Rubber  0.75 x 0.25 x 2.75 inches  *****


Earning your freedom, finding and conveying your individuality, all while your body is shifting can be tough. Announcing yourself and making an impact on the world is rough. Although all these changes are harsh, why not do it in style with one of the wallets mentioned above. If you are a teen looking for an awesome and sweet wallet or a parent searching for that perfect gift for your teen, then why not try one of these wallets. You won’t be disappointed!

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